Want to buy best fruit juicer in India? Find out these tips to guide your purchase

Purchasing fruit juicer may sound a simple task, but it is not that easy as the market is flooded with variety of brands and different types of juicers. It is a challenging task to choose the one that best serves your requirements.

In fact, whenever you buy any home or kitchen appliance, it is necessary that you consider few important factors or variables that help you in making a sound purchasing decision.

                  “Let juice be thy medicine and medicine be thy juice”

Let’s discuss important factors and variables to consider while buying a juicer.

Factors to consider while buying a juicer for your home:

You must check the ease of operation of the juicer. There are some juicers which are really complicated to operate. Using these every day ,is no doubt a tiring task and discourages you to prepare homemade juice. Therefore, choose the one which is easy to operate.

In today’s age, different types of juicers are available in the market. Each type has its own pros and cons. Knowing plus and minus of different models can help you making a sound buying decision.

Among various types of juicers, below four are the most popular –

Centrifugal Juicer: This is the most common type of juicer. It is easy to use and makes juices quickly. But it cannot produce juice from nuts, leafy vegetables, and sprouts. The juicer operates at high rpm.

Masticating Juicer: It is also termed as slow juicer. This juicer works on slow speed but produces high-quality juice with less oxidation. It grinds veggies and fruits slowly and thereby squeeze juice. The juice it produces is less foamy and nutritious. The downside of this model is that it is a bit difficult to clean and too costly.

Twin gear juicer: It produces juice by pressing veggies and fruits between two interlocking gears. It is ideal for producing a huge quantity and vitamin rich juice as it squeezes the tough cells and release more nutrients. This juicer is a bit expensive, difficult to clean and also complicated to set up after cleaning.

Manual juicer:

Guide to choose best fruit juicer in India

Manual juicer is easy to clean and maintain. It remains silent during operation. It does not operate on electricity and thereby, it requires time to produce juice. This is the only downside of it. It requires extra time and effort to produce juice using a manual juicer.

What are the most important features you must look for in a juicer?

Always look for some important features while buying a juicer. Have a look at them –

Other features are

A good quality juicer is the one that produces dry pulp. A drier pulp ensures most of the juice has been taken out from the veggie or fruit. If the pulp is wet or heavy, it means the juicer has not done its job well.

Under such conditions, you may have to rejuice the pulp to extract the remaining juice from it. An efficient juicer will save your time and effort from repeating that step again.

Any type of juicer has a little value if the user needs to put too much effort and time for cleaning, setup and maintenance. Therefore, it is best to choose the one which is easy to clean and maintain. And if setting back the parts of juicer after washing is a stress-free task, it will be considered as an additional advantage.

Always be sure to look for manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t go for buying a juicer that has no or less warranty. And if it provides so, check out what your warranty covers such as minor parts damage, motor damage, small parts replacement etc.

Choose a juicer whose replacement parts are easily available in the market.

Complete guide to choose best fruit juicer for your home in India

Select a brand that you can trust. Don’t go for any cheap quality brand that may cost you huge in the long run. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy brand is the smart decision that lives up to its reputation.

User reviews reveal many things about the quality of the product – its advantages, disadvantages, durability and performance. Therefore, before you make up your mind on a particular brand, browse the internet and check out the reviews of customers on different brands and types of juicer.

The experienced buyers can provide you a better picture about the condition and features of the juicer you would like to purchase.


If you are in a dilemma to choose the best fruit juicer for your kitchen, consider these above-mentioned factors. There is no definite answer to this question “which is the best fruit juicer to buy?” Just figure out what type of fruits and juice you want to consume, you can then rightly find out the appliance that best serves your requirements.

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