Wanna buy Microwave Oven – Guide to choose best one for your kitchen

If you are in the market to buy a new microwave oven for your kitchen, you can probably discover a range of models and options to choose from. But, this can make you even more confused to select the one that best suits your requirement.

There are many questions that comes your mind like,Should you go for buying a counter-top model or over the range model? What would be the capacity and power consumption to fulfill your needs? What are the types available in microwave oven?How to choose best microwave oven for your kitchen?

We will try to answer all these questions here so that you could confidently select a suitable oven for your home.

Microwave oven buying guide in India- Must know things before buying a microwave oven

We all are aware of the uses and applications of the microwave oven. The applications are quite simple that could defrost a frozen hamburger, make popcorn and reheat leftovers in just a few minutes.

They are mainly used for quick and convenient cooking. In today’s age, many homes have a microwave oven in their kitchen, and they are all in different varieties and applications.

Microwave combines speed, technology and versatility that make it a smart kitchen appliance in different styles and color. Based on the type of model you choose, a microwave oven can grill, roast and bake foods and thereby prepare specific auto cook recipes with the pre-installed touch keypad.

You can cook the entire meal without cluttering and overheating the kitchen as many ovens shuts off automatically when sensor feels the food is done.

What type of features should you consider in your microwave oven? Here, in this article, we will provide you a quick guide that can help you in choosing a microwave that best fits your lifestyle and needs. We will also discuss pricing and important questions that may guide your purchase.

A conventional microwave emits heat or microwaves that easily pass through plastic and glass containers. On the other hand, convection microwave combines radiant heat with basic microwave technology that emits hot air to let you brown, roast and grill food.

Convection microwave includes a heating element and a fan that circulate heated air. It also comes with an intense light from quartz halogen bulb that roasts and grills food. This technology adds taste and color to the food while reducing cooking time.

In today’s age, microwave ovens are available in different styles and sizes. Among them, the four major types of microwaves are –

Each type has its own advantages. Let’s have a look at them.

Above range microwaves as the name suggest are designed to install above the kitchen range. Among different types of microwaves, this particular model has ranked second in popularity.

In recent days, certain improvements have been made to this unit with the inclusion of exhaust fan that filters smoke from stove’s burners.

To place this microwave in your kitchen, you need to arrange a space over the stove, or you may have to remove a cabinet before placing it on the top. The price range of this product starts from 15K to 60K, depending on features.

Countertop microwaves are known as portable or compact microwave ovens. These are small in size, and thus, they are the most popular ones among customers for defrosting frozen food, reheating food, making delicious dishes with auto cook recipe options and so on.

A typical size of this type of microwave is 18 inches wide, 12 inches tall and 14 inches deep. The capacity of this oven is 1 cubic foot, and its power ranges between 500 watts to 1000 watts. Countertop microwaves are portable which make it easy to move the unit from one place to another.

This type of microwave is relatively new to the market. They don’t consume much of your valuable kitchen place but provides all types of convenience that a microwave has.

These are the most luxurious models of the microwave; offer both basic microwave and conventional features all in one place. These dual microwave models have drop down doors and stainless design. They are relatively costlier than other models.

After types and models, now come the most important things: size, power consumption and features. In this section, we will discuss all these things in detail –

Features that you must consider while choosing a microwave oven –

Step by step guide to gelp you to choose microwave oven for your kitchen in India

If you would like to do more than just cooking popcorn and baking potato, buying a mid or full sized oven will prove to be the best. Cooking meals for a large family require large size microwave with high power.

Full or large size microwaves consume 1000 to 1600 watts power while mid-size ovens consume 800 to 1000 watts. Higher wattage means more speed and better cooking.

Compact microwaves are the smallest ovens that work really well for small families, flats and offices. The compact unit consumes 800 to 1000 watts power.

An automatic sensor is an important feature that fixes a cooking time and prevents overheating. It is basically backed by a technology that determines if the food is cooked or not by measuring steam in the oven. When the food is properly cooked, it shuts off automatically.

This is a very useful feature that allows you to cook food at different stages and power settings. Therefore, instead of changing the power level and interrupting the cooking process, you can programme the microwave at the very start of the cooking, and it will change the cycle of heating after specific time interval.

Most microwaves come with specific auto cook options. These are very useful as they prompt the process of cooking. They also fix the cooking time and power level.

Additional features

This is a very useful feature if you are having kids at home. An electrical lock prevents them from misusing or operating the oven and thus averts accidents.

Most microwaves come with racks that enable two or more items to be cooked at the same time. A rack also improves baking by allowing heat into the baking oven.

Hope these above mentioned features can guide you to make the best microwave oven purchase for your kitchen in India.

To make the selection even easier,we have come up with best microwave oven to buy online in India .Have a look at the ovens mentioned and pick the suitable one for you easily.

Happy shopping!

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