This is how you need to choose Humidifier for your home

Are you suffering from common cold, sinus infection and flu? Bringing a humidifier at your home can bring a solution to all these problems.

If you are looking forward to buy an humidifier for your home then you are at the right place. You will get to know the importance and uses of humidifier and the process to follow while buying an humidifier for your home.

A humidifier is an appliance that helps to increase humidity in your home and make the air less dry. Dry air causes various types of problems such as nose bleeding, skin allergies, chapped skin.  All these types of things can effectively be taken care of by a good quality humidifier.

The main purpose of this humidifier is to keep your surrounding environment clean and maintained, so that you and your family can lead a healthy life.

Steps to consider while choosing an humidifier for your home in India

Two main categories of humidifiers:

There are two main categories or types of humidifiers in india –

These two forms of humidifiers serve the same purpose, though, in different ways. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Warm mist humidifier :

These type of humidifiers boil the water that produces distilled steam to be discharged into the room. The steam is like a spray of warm water opposed to vapour. The steam concentrates nearby area of the humidifier.

Cool mist humidifier :

Cool mist humidifier offers an effective way to humidify the air of your home and thereby relieve various types of congestion problems, dry throat, and skin. This humidifier is available in two forms – ultrasonic and evaporative. They expose a vapour that cools down the room temperature and thereby makes it easy to breathe.

Seven steps to check out the best humidifier :

  1. First step: Size of the unit

The size of the humidifier depends on the size of the area you want to humidify. If you would like to humidify a specific area in your home, consider buying a portable humidifier. On the other hand, if you want to humidify the air of the entire room, you need to choose a large size house humidifier.

In addition to this, you need to consider some other things as well such as how insulated the area is. Rooms with good insulation can do with portable humidifier while areas that don’t have good insulation require a large unit.

  1. Second step: Mineral dust

In the case of certain types of humidifiers, you may notice that after few hours of running the unit, you can see a layer of white dust on furniture or other units of the room. This is known as mineral dust and cause serious negative side-effects. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the humidifier you choose for your home does not diffuse mineral dust.

  1. Third step: Humidstat

A humidstat is a kind of device that controls the level of humidity in your room. Keeping the level of humidity at 40% to 45% helps to solve all health problems caused due to dry air. If humidity increases more than 50%, it may create a breeding ground for mold, spores, dust mites, etc.

As these types of insects require adequate moisture for survival. Therefore, proper humidity should be maintained inside the room that can now easily be done with the humidstat device.

It controls the temperature and shuts off humidifier automatically when the relative level of humidity is achieved. This also reduces power consumption and thereby electricity bill.

  1. Fourth step: Automatic shutdown feature

Not all humidifiers come with an automatic shutdown feature that can prevent the fire breakout when the water goes out of stock and not shut down manually. Thus, when you choose a modifier, make sure that it has an automatic shut off feature.

  1. Fifth step: Maintenance and cleaning

There are some modifiers that need to be filled with water and thereby rinse out every other day. Such type of frequent cleaning is really a tedious job and causes a huge inconvenience to people.

Moreover, the filters of these humidifiers need to be changed and cleaned regularly that requires a hefty maintenance cost and your cleaning efforts. Therefore, while choosing a humidifier, make sure that it is easy to clean and does not require a high maintenance cost.

Buying a type of humidifier that comes with filters that don’t require change is the best option for those who don’t want to give much time and effort to it.

  1. Sixth step: Cost

The cost of humidifier varies depending on its features. But whatever your budget is you must look for a modifier that has added features and maximum capacity. Moreover, you should also take into account the initial buying price of the modifier, its maintenance, and operating cost.

  1. Seventh step: Level of noise

Almost all humidifiers make noise, but there are some units that are extreme noisy. If you are sensitive to noisy appliances, then checking the noise level of humidifier is an important concern to consider while making any purchasing decision.

Therefore, if you want to give yourself and your family a healthy life, follow these above-mentioned steps to buy a best humidifier for your home.

To make the process even simpler,we have picked some of the best humidifiers to buy from online in India .Just browse through the products and pick the one that suits your taste and budget.

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