Different types of Mattresses in India – Guide to choose the right one for your home

While living a good life, it is important that you take a closer look at how you are sleeping and on what you are sleeping. In fact, it’s time to throw out that saggy old mattress and get hold of a new one. For a good night’s sleep, a lot of factors like stress level, comfort, room temperature, etc. should be considered. But the first building block for this ultimate relaxation is the right mattress.    

Have you decided on which one to choose? The market has a lot of varieties in offer to support needs, taste and budget of consumer. Hence, picking up the right one can be a challenging task. Have a look at different types of mattresses available for sale in India and decide which one suits for your home needs.

Types of mattresses in India:

  1. Memory foam Mattress:

Guide to pick the right mattress for your home in India

The construction of this mattress includes the top layer of a visco elastic material that is temperature-sensitive. Memory foam mattresses change their shape according to the shape of your body and give you a warmer feeling.

Sometimes air channels are cut into the layers of this mattress to reduce heat. The thickness of this upper layer can be somewhere between 2 and 8 inches.

So far, this memory foam mattress has received the highest rate of owner satisfaction from 80 to 85% of people.

Best features:


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  1. Latex Mattress:

Various types of mattresses in India and process to pick good one for you

Now this category has a simple construction containing only latex foam. It forms the comfort layers as well as support core, both. The foam after manufacturing is cut and created into layers of springy latex.

However, you might not always find them glued together. It can have covers ranging from cotton to wool, or more. This variety of mattress can be categorized on two main factors:

  1. Process of manufacturing (Dunlop process and Talalay process)
  2. Latex type (Natural latex, chemically derived synthetic latex, or both)

Want to know the owner satisfaction rate of this 100% natural mattress? An average percentage is 79 to 81%.

Best features:

If you decide to go with natural latex mattress,here is the list of best natural latex mattresses to buy in India.

  1. Innerspring Mattress:

How to pick the right mattress for better sleep in India?

One of the most common and oldest mattress types, you must be familiar with are innerspring mattresses. Different steel coil supports are used for ensuring the durability of this variety.

Here springs are connected to one single unit or they are pocketed coils wrapped individually. These inner springs are then covered using a variety of padding materials to offer you the much-needed comfortable spring.

Today, a wide variety of advanced materials are used like fibres and foams in latest techniques making the innerspring mattresses even stronger.

Best features:

Which mattress is the right for you?

The answer to this question would be the ‘best features’ section in the above mentioned varieties of mattresses. While different types have different benefits to offer, the appropriate choice depends on your purpose and preference.

Take for instance,

For a slim person, a better suitable option will be those softer feeling mattresses like memory foam or latex. Again, if the partners have diversity in weight and size, the pocket springing or inner springs variety would be a good choice.

Here is one of the popular and expert suggestion on choosing the right mattress for you.

So, the one that meets your essential requirements would be the most appropriate mattress for you. Sleep is the best meditation. Treat yourself to a healthy and sound sleep.

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