Best Washing Machines under 12000 rupees in India in 2017

Ever since man realized that clothing was a basic necessity, man also realized the need to keep clothing clean, whether for sanitary purposes or simply for re-usability. Man has come a long way since the olden days of hand-washing. During the early 1900s, many efforts were made to improve on early washing machine designs.

As steam and gas-powered engines started to be used for various other purposes, inventors and innovators decided to try and make powered laundry machines that would require little labor and handwork.

The first electric clothes washer, which was manufactured in America at the turn of the 20th century. Later, a motor-powered machine built from sheet metal, iron and wood was invented.

Today, most of the washing machines in the market are microprocessor-controlled and make use of various sensors, systems, and mechanisms to automate the entire washing process.

Some of the controls that can be found in modern washing machines include controls for water level, water temperature, spin speed, cycle program; load balancing, child lock systems, and noise reduction systems.

There are two broad types of washing machines. One is the Front load model and the other is the top load model. Top Load washing machines can be further classified into two types: single tub machines and twin tub machines. The front load machines tend to be a little bit expensive but in the long run they consume less water and detergent.

What to check before buying a washing machine with cost below 12,000?

Washing machines are expensive and probably an average consumer buys only one washing machine mostly and expects that to work for many years with out any issues. But one could find good washing machines with in the budget of 12,000 rupees and below is the list of features to look for before buying a washing machine.

Best Washing Machines under 12000 rupees to buy online in India in 2017:

#1.Haier HWM58-020 Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine:

Best washing machines under 12,000 rupees in India

This fully-automatic top-loading washing machine from Haier has 5.8 Kg capacity. It provides 6 wash programs; Pre Wash, Mix, Daily Wash, Wash 15°C, Eco.

It has a double level spin tub and quick wash feature which is specially designed to wash the clothes quickly. It has plastic cabinet thus making the machine rust-free and facilitating a better performance along with longer life.

The remaining time display on this washing machine lets you know the process time of the cycle. This enables you to keep free yourself to do another work while the laundry is being washed. This machine has a gross weight of 32 kgs. This product comes with 1 year warranty on product and 5 years on Motor.


#2.Hyundai HYS72F Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine:

Top 5 best washing machines with cost below 12,000 rupees to buy online in India

This semi-automatic refrigerator from Hyundai has a capacity of 7.2 Kg. It comes in luminous color. It consists of 3 wash modes- Normal, heavy and gentle.

This machine has a net weight of 23 Kg. The motor is efficient and produces a noise of 60 DB which is considered safe. The drum has a maximum spin speed of 1350 RPM.

Its advance collar scrubber helps to scrub cuffs and collars leaving no traces of dirt whatsoever. The soft-rubber bristles provide effective cleaning resulting in 100% dirt removal and cloth damage.

The auto soak feature in this washing machine provides precise time of soaking for appropriate stain treatment. The rollers with auto-reverse technology provides friction and active cleaning to the clothes, removing every dust & mites hidden resulting in a better quality wash.

Its advance center shower rinsing ensures proper drainage of used water. It comes with 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty.



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#3.Godrej 6 Kg WT600C Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

Good quality and popular washing machines under 12000 rupees in India

This Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine from Godrej has a 6 kg capacity. It comes in silky grey color.

The pulsator technology used in the Godrej washing machine, allows the machine to clean your clothes better and more efficiently. It creates a 360 degree motion which cleans clothes better and faster.

The auto-balance system of the machine makes sure your clothes don’t get tangled during a wash cycle. This machine comes with 3 water levels and 3 wash programs that help to wash your clothes more effectively in very little time.

The different programs provide you the flexibility to choose the most suitable program for washing different types of fabric. It has a strong and durable body. The body is made up of high grade plastic material; it is non-breakable and highly robust.

The fine quality plastic keeps the body of the machine protected from rusting and corrosion. The inner tub of this washing machine is made of high quality plastic which makes it easy to clean and rust-free. It has a transparent lid on the top. This product from Godrej is provided with a warranty of 2 years.


#4.Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Turbo Dry Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine :

Best washing machine under 12k rupees to buy online in India

This semi-automatic washing machine from Whirlpool has a capacity of 7 Kg.  Whirlpool ace is fitted with big wheels so that you can easily move the machine around making it more robust and stable.

Its Super Soak feature enables easy removal of tough dirt by continuous soaking & scrubbing action for 25 minutes. Its Turbo dry technology gives you perfectly dry clothes in 15 minutes.

This is a semi-automatic washing machine and has two chambers. These two chambers are provided for washing or spinning and the other for drying.

By using its Ace wash station the clothes can be sorted, stacked on the machine itself. It comes with a 2 years comprehensive warranty from Whirlpool.


#5.LG P7853R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine:

top 5 best washing machines under 12000 rupees in India

This semi-automatic washing machine from LG has a capacity of 6.8 Kg. It comes in Burgandy color. It has roller jet pulsators which cause added friction to the clothes, removing dust & mites.

This results in a better quality wash. LG washing machines have 3mm strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical that ensures no harm is done to your machine in the presence of rats.

“Punch+3” features one main pulsator and three mini pulsators around. The punch action creates three powerful streams of water which move repeatedly the laundry up and down in the drum ensuring that the tough soil is removed from your laundry.

This unique structure of pulsator brings optimal washing action to your washer. The machine has various wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type. Along with gentle, normal and strong it also has unique Soak feature for good wash quality.

It is fitted with a lint filter which collects the fibers that come out while washing clothes. The fibers thus do not get stuck in the pipe, thus giving a better washing performance. Its advance collar scrubber helps to scrub cuffs and collars leaving no traces of dirt.


These are the top 5 washing machines that are available with in the cost of 12,000 rupees and are worth their price.Go ahead and buy a washing machine that would work for you.

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