Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India – This is how to choose good one for your kitchen

We belong to a spice loving nation where most of our moms believe in cooking food with homemade masalas. This indicates nothing but , juicer mixer grinder is a must have for every kitchen.

Before choosing a juicer mixer grinder model for your kitchen, you must figure out certain features in it such as capacity, size, power consumption, etc.

For a small family or people who stay alone, a portable size juicer mixer grinder can do the needful. But for a large family, you need a large sized mixer grinder with bigger capacity.

Best Mixer Grinder in India

India’s Best Mixer Grinder Brands

So, before you buy a juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen , it is important that you take into account the following important factors before heading out to the shop. Let’s have a look at them –

Factors to keep in mind while buying juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen in India:

You can either purchase a juicer mixer grinder or a simple mixer grinder. A mixer grinder is mainly used to mix, beat and whip ingredients into smaller particles, whereas a Juicer mixer grinder will give you an added benefit of a juicer with mixer grinder.

If you love to drink fresh squeezed juice in the early morning, then juicer mixer grinder will be the ultimate option for you. There is no reason of wasting money on purchasing a separate juicer.

It denotes the motor power of the appliance. Sometimes we need a mixer grinder with high wattage so that it can perform heavy duty task easily such as grinding dry nuts, dough, etc.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a high wattage one does not give you better result every time. The performance depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the machine. In some cases, lower wattage Juicer mixer grinder performs job better than even expensive ones.

Cleanliness is an important considerable factor for juicer mixer grinders as these appliances are equipped with different kinds of blades and fancy control system.

Mixer grinders that require a pushing button to operate are hard to clean compared to touch pad. Attention should be given on how firmly the lid fits into the container which makes sure the mixer is not prone to leak or spills.

While buying juicer mixer grinders, one should look into number of things like– how easy is to assemble its parts and blade, how flawlessly the jar fits into the grinder, how smoothly the lid fits into the container, the efficiency of control, the size of the container and many such things.

The price of juicer mixer grinders vary as per their brands, features, wattage and materials used. Generally, machines with higher wattage mean higher prices.

Grinders that come with glass and stainless steel containers are more expensive than those come in plastic jars as they last longer.

Many times, people tend to put more ingredients in the jar than suggested. This results in motor getting bogged down with too much load and eventually burn out.

To prevent such accident, a special relay is offered with mixer grinders called circuit breaker which works as a common fuse. Having a circuit breaker in your juicer mixer grinder is very important for ensuring safety.

This system ensures the machine will not start until the jar is properly locked from the grinder unit. This is an important feature you must consider if you have children.

As you can see, selecting the right juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen is a bit tricky. So, just take your time, analyse your needs, research in the market and then shop.

To help you further with the research and reduce your time in picking a good juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen,we have come up with the list of top 10 best selling juicer mixer grinders in India(the list is picked from Amazon India store).

You need to go through the products listed below and pick one accordingly based on your preference and budget.As many people out there are buying these machines,they are worth looking at for your home.Go and grab one that suits best to your taste.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in India:

Bestseller No. 1
Philips HL1632 500-Watt 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder with Fruit Filter (Blue)
  • Reverse spiral sieve for maximum extraction
  • Unique micro mesh filter for maximim juice extraction
  • Compact design for less storage space
  • Easy to pour and store in separate chamber with spout
  • Fruit filter for seeds and skin separation
Bestseller No. 3
Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)
  • Sturdy stainless steel jars for liquidizing , wet/dry grinding and chutney making
  • Jar Capacity:1.25 Litre liquidizing jar, 0.88 Litre multi purpose jar, 0.3 Litre chutney jar
  • 3 speed control with incher for momentary operation
  • Multi-functional blade system
  • Motor overload protector
SaleBestseller No. 4
Maharaja Whiteline Gala JX-117 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder with 2 Jars (White/Majestic Maroon)
  • Super sharp blades
  • Stainless steel juicer mesh
  • Non-slip foot
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 450 watts; Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts
SaleBestseller No. 5
Prestige Champ Juicer Mixer Grinder, 550 watts
  • Liquidising jar
  • Dry/wet grinding jar
  • Elegant & compact design
  • 3 Speed control with incher for efficient juicing/grinding
  • Double lock system for extra safety
Bestseller No. 6
Philips HL1645 750-Watt 3 Jar Super Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder+Blender jar with Fruit Filter Blue
  • Auto shut-off for overload protection
  • Lift and grind blades ensure consistent grinding
  • Revers quadra flow jars prevents sticking to walls
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
SaleBestseller No. 7
Hyundai HJS50W2A-DBB Juicer Mixer Grinder (White)
  • 2 speeds and inch mode
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Critically balanced blades
  • Ideal for juicing, blending, grating, liquidizing and wet/dry grinding
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
Bestseller No. 8
Bajaj JX 10 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder
  • 3 speed control with incher for momentary operation
  • Transparent liquidising jar
  • Stainless steel grinding jar
  • Inbuilt pulp container
  • Easily removable and washable strainer/cutter
Bestseller No. 9
BMS Plastic Smart Fruits & Vegetable Juicer With Waste Collector,Green
  • LOCK SYSTEM : Vacuum surface lock system
  • HEALTHY & NATURAL : Prepare your fresh fruit & vegetable juices and reliesh their fresh, healthy & natural taste.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE : Extract juice out of orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, water melon, pomegranate, palak, tomato etc.
  • EASY TO USE : Easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics , portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean.
  • All Parts Detachable
Bestseller No. 10
Prestige Elegant 750 W 4 Jar Mixer Grinder
  • 4 super-efficient Blades
  • 3 stainless steel jars
  • Juicer jar
  • 750 watts motor.
  • Sturdy Handles

Everyone prefers to buy products from well known and reputed brands as it guarantees quality products most of the time.Here as well,you should check for good quality juicer mixer grinders from top companies.But,what are top brands in India that offer different types of quality juicer mixer grinders?

There are many companies in India which offer these house hold products and they do offer other kitchen items as well.So while picking you should pick one which has got wide service center network in addition to offering quality products at reasonable cost.

Below is the list of Best juicer mixer grinder companies in India and the list is picked based on different number of products available and their popularity online.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Brands in India:

#1 – Maharaja Whiteline

#2 – Bajaj

#3 – Philips

#4 – Butterfly

#5 – Morphy Richards


A little homework before buying home appliances is important as it will help you in the long run and meet all your criteria. So, continue your research and bring the best one to your home. Happy shopping!

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