Benefits of Foot Massaging – Which Foot Massager works well for you?

Do you know who takes our bulk pressure and work the most? Our lovely feet, of course. But ironically they are the least pampered body parts, aren’t they? Well, it’s a common tendency – while the majority’s quest is focused on their beautiful skin and healthy body, they end up ignoring these little weight bearers.

Truth is, your feet need equal pampering to be flexible and strong. After the long day’s walk or stand, a massage can help to let your feet breath. Wondering why you should get one? Read on to know the essential benefits of foot massaging.

How can foot massage help you?

Guide to help you to pick the right foot massager for you in India

  1. Effectively deals with migraines and other headaches:

Guess what, a proper foot massaging can help you with reduced symptoms of headaches, especially migraines. This has been proved by researchers in Denmark that after 3 months of foot massaging that lessened 65% of symptoms. most have developed a positive attitude towards life.

  1. Lowers your blood pressure:

People who have high blood pressure would get a great advantage from foot massaging that helps to lower and balance their blood pressure. Stress and unhealthy diet today have increased the percentage of men and women suffering from high blood pressure. So, not much but only a 10 minutes of foot massage can reduce your anxiety as well as blood pressure.  

  1. Regulates blood circulation:

The monotonous desk bound lifestyles we lead today have given us relaxation on using our body muscles regularly. The feet muscles especially harden due to tight and uncomfortable shoes that we wear. But getting a foot massage for just 20 minutes would improve the circulation to a great extent. Are you a diabetes sufferer? You can get an unexpected result for sure.


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  1. Natural pain relief:

Foot massaging offers a great benefit to patients post-operation for reducing pain not only on their feet but also in other body parts. It is a better effective method than pain relief medications.

  1. Reduces depression:

With frequent sessions of foot massaging, you can have a relaxed life with reduced depression. Especially for cancer patients, this is one of the most effective stress bursting techniques.

  1. Mends your sex life:

Imagine, only a foot massage for few minutes on a daily basis can set the perfect mood for the night! The ultimate purpose of this massaging technique is to enhance the health of your entire body positively, including sex life.   

Following this simple habit of foot massaging, not only your sore feet will be relieved, but also the pressure points will be stimulated for overall wellness of your body. 

How to choose the right foot massager for you?

Benefits of and different types of foot massagers in India

While the usual method of using oil to massage the feet with your palm gives results but considering the less time factor, getting hold of a foot massaging device is the ideal option.

There are lot of foot massagers available in the market from different brands and different prices. To pick an appropriate device, you, however, need to first understand various types of foot massagers.

3 basic types of foot massagers:

Usually, there are 3 basic types of massaging devices – manual foot massager, electric foot massager and foot spas.

#1.Manual foot massagerMade of natural materials, you need to operate this device manually. This type of massaging device is available at quite a reasonable budget.

#2.Electric foot massager This type of device requires electricity to operate the balls or rollers. It automatically massages your foot while you can enjoy your favourite TV show or cut those veggies.

#3.Foot spas Foot spas are electric foot massaging devices that can also include features like heat or water for relaxing those tired muscles. Out of the three, it is the most expensive choice.

Other factors you must consider are techniques of massage (kneading, rolling, vibration, heat, percussion, etc.), levels of customizability, power settings, pad design, etc.

To make things even simpler for you,here is the list of  Best foot massagers to buy from online in India . Go through the list and pick one that best serves your purpose.

So, the choice is entirely upon you and your lifestyle, as which category would you go for. If your busy schedule lacks any spare time, it’s better to avoid the water-based massagers that apply hydrotherapy. Instead, go for the electric ones that perform automatically once you push the button.

Again, if your feet dries up quickly, go for water based devices, may be foot spas. The hydro-therapy technique helps to moisturize your feet.

So, this is how you should pick up the right foot massager and optimize your health. “Let your healthy feet touch the heart of Mother Earth.”

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