6 things to consider before buying an Air Fryer for your kitchen


Are you dodging oil in your food? Why don’t you try an air fryer then? An air fryer is a popular kitchen appliance now where foods get cooked by hot air circulated around the food at a high speed.

This appliance comes with a built-in mechanical fan designed to circulate hot air inside the fryer. The machine starts fabricating hot air from the moment you put on the switch of the fryer.

It barely takes 3 minutes to warm up the air up to 250 degree Celsius, which means cooking in air fryer is fast, simple and easy.

Air fryer choosing guide in India

If you are still in confusion and not being able to decide whether you should purchase an air fryer or not to avoid excess oil in your food, let me tell you the prime reason why so many people are going behind purchasing an air fryer for living a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best reasons for using an air fryer is that it requires 80% less oil. Shocked? Me too was shocked when I heard it first time. But it’s true which means you can now eat a deep fried dish without bearing any fear in mind.

You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite food every time and still can stay healthy.

So, if you are planning to buy an air fryer, check out these helpful tips to become a smart shopper.

Tips to choose good quality air fryer in India:

  #1.Consider the size of an air fryer:

The right size air fryer is the one that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter and produces sufficient quantity of food for you and your family.

In order to select the right size air fryer, you must keep in mind that an average air fryer contains around 2 pounds of food items and ingredients.

Step by step guide to select a good quality air fryer in India

 #2.Check out altering and controlling features:

A clear display of control system is evidently important for cooking. It helps to adjust timing, temperature and switch mode.

A countdown timer is also required for secure and fast cooking. Some other important features like provision of additional parts also should be paid equal attention as this will give you the comfort of cooking in the long run.

 #3.Capacity of air fryer:

An air fryer is an electrically operated appliance, and so incongruities in wattage may cause damage or electrical shock in the kitchen. The capacity of popular air fryers ranges between 700 to 1500 watts.

 #4.Warranty and backup:

Like other kitchen appliances, air fryer also should be backed by value added services like considerate and intensive warranty service. Check out a nearby warranty service unit from where you can get adequate after sale and replacement service if it requires.

 #5.The price of air fryer:

Though an air fryer is recommended for all kitchens to live a healthy life, it is bit costly in comparison to other kitchen appliances.

However, the cost is worth because of its no oil application feature that helps to avoid sudden oil burn or fire and you can enjoy eating fried items without worrying about your health. Isn’t it amazing?


Make sure the brand you are choosing should be well-known in the market. The company should be trustworthy and has a good reputation in the market.

While selecting an air fryer, compare it with other brands having almost same features. This enables you to look for a better one when you are not satisfied.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a good quality air fryer today with this helpful buying guide.

We have also picked 10 best air fryers to buy in India to make the selection easier for you.Go and select the suitable one for you.

It is not only convenient to use but also can produce healthy fried food without using oil. This innovation is like a dream come true for people who love to eat fried items.

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